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Riding Camp 2015

Please select your Riding Program and check the box
next to the session you wish to enroll in.


Dates  |  Tuituion
Ten Weeks
6/21 - 8/29
Nine Weeks
6/21 - 8/22
6/28 - 8/29
6/21 - 8/22 | $13,175.00
6/28 - 8/29 | $13,175.00
Eight Weeks
6/21 - 8/15
6/28 - 8/22
6/21 - 8/15   | $11,900.00
6/28 - 8/22   | $11,900.00
Seven Weeks
6/28 - 8/15
Six Weeks
6/28 - 8/8
7/12 - 8/22
Five Weeks
6/21 - 7/25
7/26 - 8/29
6/21 - 7/25   | $8,075.00
7/26 - 8/29   | $8,075.00
Four Weeks
6/28 - 7/25
7/12 - 8/8
7/26 - 8/22
6/28 - 7/25   | $6,800.00
7/12 - 8/8   | $6,800.00
7/26 - 8/22   | $6,800.00
Three Weeks
6/21 - 7/11
7/26 - 8/15
8/9 - 8/29
Two Weeks
6/28 - 7/11
7/12 - 7/25
7/26 - 8/8
8/9 - 8/22
Working Student CIT Program
Our working students participate in two riding session each day and work in the stable for all of the other periods, assisting younger campers, feeding and watering horses, mucking stalls and paddocks. There are a limited number of these positions available and any other discounts do not apply to these tuition fees. Working students must be 15 years old by June 16th, 2014 and be able to participate for at least 4 weeks.
One Week
6/21 - 6/27
8/9 - 8/15
8/23- 8/29
Mother/Daughter Week
6/21 - 6/27
8/23 - 8/29
Select Accommodation:
Main House

Main house, private room w/jacuzzi bath
6/12 - 6/14
Enroll &
Select Accommodation:
Main House

Main house, private room w/jacuzzi bath
Equestrian Teen
Tour of Russia
8/24 - 31/15
($6000.00 Deposit Required)
8/24 - 8/31

Southampton Trip
Three days of fun and frolic on the beach at Southampton, NY. We bring our own horses and stable them at a farm near the ocean. In the morning we go for a ride on the beach, galloping through the surf and swimming our horses in the ocean. This is the ultimate riding experience. Campers and counselors stay at a resort hotel in duplex suites overlooking the bay. This trip is available for beginner riders as well. We take one trip on 7/14-7/17 and another trip on 7/28-7/31. There is an additional fee of $1,200.00 for this trip.
Equestrian Teen Tour of Russia
Seven days touring St. Petersburg and Moscow. Horseback riding, cultural tours, great restaurants and ballet. This is the best way for horse lovers to see Russia! $13,500.00 includes round trip airfare from JFK
New York City Trip
Created especially for the camper who would like to experience NYC in a very unusual way. We van a group of horses and riders into Central Park for a morning ride and then have lunch at the Ocean Grill Restaurant, one of New York's finest restaurants. Then we get into a stretch limousine to visit the F.A.O. Schwartz toy store and Manhattan Saddlery. Fee includes riding in Central Park, lunch and transportation. There is an additional fee of $595.00 for this trip.
Bringing Your Own Horse
Students wishing to bring their own horse may do so. Copies of Coggins tests and vaccination records should be sent at least one week prior to shipping the horse. Full board fee is $230.00 per week. If you accept total responsibility for feeding, watering and cleaning your horse’s stall, the board fee is reduced to $175.00/week.
Please indicate number of weeks:
Check one only:
Full Board Reduced Board
Additional Riding Time
Our camp fee includes three hours of riding daily. but for some campers, this is not enough. Campers may chose to ride for an additional hour and half for a total of four and a half hours each day, or to ride for an additional three hours for a total of six hours a day. The fee for the additional hour and a half of riding each day is $750.00/week. The fee for the the additional three hours a day is $1500.00.
Additional hour and a half per day: $750.00/week. Additional three hours per day: $1,500.00/week.
Please indicate number of weeks:
Polo For Beginners
We have created a polo program which takes our beginner polo players onto a polo field to learn the basics of this exciting sport.You'll learn to ride polo style equitation and how to hit the ball. You must be an experienced rider to participate in this program. Available for a maximum of four students per session. This program includes a one and a half hour polo lesson, vanning to the Polo Club and guest fees at the Blue Sky Polo Club. Campers will be able to watch a game at the end of their lesson to learn more about this exciting sport. There is an additional fee of $195.00 per polo session. Maximum of two polo sessions a week, weather permitting.
Number of lessons:
Piano Lessons
Piano Lessons are available for a limited number of students each week. Lessons are taught by Olga Pchelintseva - Mares who started her musical career in Russia at the age of seven. She continued her studies at the University of New Paltz under the supervision of the world famous pianist, Vladimir Feltsman. She has effective teaching techniques for beginners that develop an appreciation and love of music. Children enjoy playing piano after they have taken lessons with Olga. She believes in using music as a developmental tool for expanding children's horizons. One week (includes three lessons): $210.00
Please indicate number of weeks:
Horse Shows
Our campers compete in recognized horseshows every weekend as an optional activity. The fee for each recognized horse show is $600.00. Please indicate the number of recognized shows you wish your daughter to compete in.
Number of Recognized Shows:
Camp Horse Shows
There are shows at camp every two weeks with judges and ribbons. It is open for campers only and there are events for beginner riders as well. Parents are welcome to attend these shows. Camp horse show dates are: 7/10, 7/24, 8/7 and 8/21. The fee for the camp show is $95.00.
Number of Shows:
Mother and Daughter Week
We offer a unique program where mother and daughter can spend a week together. You stay in the dormitory sharing a room with another mother/daughter. The rooms have bunkbeds and share a bathroom. This is an ideal way for the young, first-time camper to experience summer camp. There are a very limited number of openings for this program, so early reservations are a must. The fee for both of you is $4,500.00. A limited number of private rooms with jacuzzi baths are available in the manor house for $5,500.00.
Transportation Services
 Metro Area Airports:
Newark: $300.00 each way.
Pick-Up  Drop Off
La Guardia: $300.00 each way.
Pick-Up  Drop Off
JFK: $325.00 each way.
Pick-Up  Drop Off
Stewart (Newburgh): $160.00 each way.
Pick-Up  Drop Off
Unaccompanied minor fee: $50.00
Pick-Up  Drop Off
Transportation New York City: $300.00 each way
Pick-Up  Drop Off
Additional Costs
Personal Expenses: Each camper deposits money into a camp expense account from which we deduct fees for horseshows, canteen, camp trips, bowling, movies and rollerskating. We suggest an amount of $125.00 per week for basic expenses. Money must be deposited in camper's account on opening day. Laundry: There is a $17.00 charge for laundry which is sent out each week.

Cancellation Policy
Deposits are non refundable for any reason. Camp tuition fees are non refundable if you cancel your enrollment for any reason after April 30th, 2015. Once a reservation for the Southampton trip is made and accepted there will be a cancellation fee of $400.00 for the Southampton trip. We require a non refundable deposit of $6000.00 for the Equestrian Teen Tour of Russia. This trip is limited to 6 campers age 15 and older. Early reservations are recommended to allow for visa processing. We take a maximum of six campers on this trip. Our expenses are fixed in advance based on a definite number of campers for a specified time, therefore there will be no rebates or deductions taken from any fees for entering late or leaving early. Since camp fees are not refundable after May 1, 2015, and the $6000.00 deposit for Russia is non refundable , we recommend that you procure travel interruption insurance in case your daughter cannot attend her scheduled camp session for any reason, including but not limited to sickness or injury.
      Any camper violating camp rules and regulations or using or possessing drugs or alcohol on or off premises during their stay will be expelled and their fees and expenses will not be refunded. I agree to remove my daughter upon notifcation if she exhibits emotional, behavioral or psychological conditions which are disruptive to the camp program or harmful to herself, without refund of fee.

       We recommend that you procure Camper Cancellation Insurance in case your daughter cannot attend for any reason, including, but not limited to sickness or injury. Camp Cancellation insurance is available from CSA Travel Protection.

Parent's and Camper's Agreement
I, as a camper or parent or guardian, understand that the International Riding Camp takes reasonable pecautions to insure that programs and activities at the International Riding Camp are conducted by qualified personnel in a safe and responsible manner. However, I further understand that these activities include certain risks and and include, but are not limited to horseback riding, watersports,landsports, rafting,scuba diving, bicycling and hiking. I, the undersigned, as a camper individually, or as a parent, guardian of a camper, individually, and on behalf of the camper recognize these risks and agree to assume these risks by attending or allowing the camper to attend International Riding Camp and participate in these programs. In consideration of the Intenational Riding Camp allowing me to participate in its activities, I hereby agree that any dispute, controversy, cause of action, lawsuit, or claim arising out of or or relating to my participation in these activities, this agreement, or the breach therof shall be settled by the courts of the State of New York, Ulster County, which shall have exclusive jurisdiction over every party in connection with any such dispute, controversy, cause of action, lawsuit or claim.
      I, as a camper, individually, or as a parent or guardian of a camper, hereby release, discharge, and agree to indemnify International Riding Camp, White Fence Farm, its directors, officers, and employees from all liability for damage, injury, or illness to the camper or her property relating to or deriving from her presence at International Riding Camp, or participation in or travel to or from International Riding Camp activities.
I, as a camper, individually , or as a parent or guardian of a camper, individually, and on behalf of the camper, hereby grant permission for International Riding Camp, the American Camping Association, or photographer to use any photographs of the camper taken during the camp session in newspapers, magazines, brochures, websites, or other media for promotional purposes.

      All campers must have medical insurance to participate in camp activities.

Camper's Signature__________________________________________

Parent's Signature___________________________________________

Payment of Fees
Fees are payable in accordance with the following schedule: Deposit of $1,500.00 to be sent on day you make your reservation. We will hold your reservation for three days and confirm your reservation, once we receive your deposit. Balance of all fees due by May 1, 2015. Camp fees not paid by May 1, 2015 will incur a 5% late fee on unpaid balance. If a camper's tuition is not paid in full by this date the camper may forfeit her reservation. Reservations made after May 1st will not be charged a late fee but the tuition must be paid in full to confirm your reservation. At this point we still have space available in all sessions.

Wire Transfer:
Please contact us for wire transfer instructions.

Please make your check payable to:
"International Riding Camp" and send it and your downloaded enrollment form to
International Riding Camp
Box 83
200 Birchall Road
Greenfield Park, NY 12435

Winter Address (November 1 - May 1):
International Riding Camp
Windsor Equestrian Center

3125 Windsor Blvd

Vero Beach, FL 32963

I have read and understand the contents of this application, including the Cancellation Policy, Payment Policy and Parent's and Camper's Agreement.

Please enroll
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Age at Camp
Grade completed as of June 2015
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